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Consignments are by appointment only. Please note that we cannot accommodate walk-ins.   

To schedule an appointment: Call 515-478-6679 or email, or stop in to set an appointment.    

What to Bring  You may bring no more than 30 consignment items to each appointment. Items must be in season and in good to excellent condition. If you’re not sure if an item qualifies, just ask. We’re happy to answer any questions.    

Guidelines Housewares and household goods must be freshly cleaned. We do not accept items that are missing parts or have chips, dents, or cracks. Not accepted: Clothing, furniture, children’s toys, infant equipment, and medical equipment.    

Terms and Conditions The consignment period is a minimum of 3 months. The Consignor will be given the end date of the consignment period.  Unsold items are available for consignor pickup within 5 days of the end of the consignment period.    

Payment Checks are available once a month to be picked up by the consignor at Hidden Treasures.  Checks will only be cut for a balance of $10 or more. At the end of the selling period, balances under $10 or larger may be picked up within one year, unless there is a request for direct mailing.   


Saturday, November 23 save 10%-50% off all items.  Open: 10:00 am-5:00 pm.


  On this date by signatures affixed below, Consignor enters a consignment arrangement (Contract) with Hidden Treasures. ____________________________(Consignor) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. It is understood that Hidden Treasures will make reasonable efforts to sell all consignments through the Hidden Treasures shop. Hidden Treasures does not guarantee the sale of any consigned items.   Terms and Conditions 1. The Consignor will receive 50% of the selling price of all items sold through Hidden Treasures on the Consignor’s behalf.   2. Hidden Treasures will set the price with your input welcome. Hidden Treasures uses a Price Reduction Schedule of: · 25% reduction after 1 month · 50% reduction after 2 months   3. It is recommended that you make your own list of items before you bring them to sell. Following final inspection, you may either cross out items not accepted from your list or request a Received Summary Report that lists each item consigned at the time of entry into Hidden Treasures inventory.   4. Consignor guarantees that items brought in for consignment are legally theirs to sell, are in good to excellent condition, are in working order, and have not been subject to any manufacturer’s recalls. The Consignor shall indemnify and hold Hidden Treasures harmless in respect to the acceptance, sale and any use of consigned items.   5. Not accepted: Clothing, large furniture, TV’s, children’s toys, furniture, or equipment. All items needing light bulbs or batteries must accompany item.   6. Each item consigned at Hidden Treasures will be consigned for a minimum period of 3 months. Early withdrawal by the consignor will be subject to a special withdrawal item fee of 10% of the current ticked price of item(s). Unsold items will be available to the Consignor with no early withdrawal fee during the last 5 days of the consignment period. Consignor must pick out their own items from the inventory and present them to the sales counter for tag removal. Any and all items not picked up before the end of the consignment period automatically become the property of Hidden Treasures.   7. It is the Consignor’s responsibility to remember the consignment period expiration date. Hidden Treasures will not contact Consignor with a reminder of the expiration of the consignment period.   8. Once monthly, checks for monies due as outlined above shall be available for the Consignor to pick up. No Check will be issued for amounts less than $10.00, unless account is being closed. Consignor has the option of picking up the check at Hidden Treasures or leaving a self-addressed stamped envelope for mailing. Checks must be cashed within six months of the date of issue or they will be voided.    9. Consignor account balances remaining inactive for 6 months will be cancelled and the balance will be considered a donation to Hidden Treasures.   10. Consigned items may be removed from the available customer inventory at any time without prior notice to the Consignor at the discretion of Hidden Treasures (usually for flaws not noticed at the time of acceptance). Said removed items will be available for Consignor pickup.   11. All consignments are at Consignor’s risk. Hidden Treasures is not responsible for loss or damage to merchandise by cause due to, but not limited to: fire, water, vandalism, theft or negligent handling by customers. It is strongly suggested that Consignors carry appropriate insurance for items of significant value.   12. IMPORTANT: All consigned items must be new to good used condition, freshly cleaned, and saleable. Hidden Treasures reserves the right to reject any and all items that are not to our standards.     I agree to the terms of this contract:   _________________________________________ ___________________ Consignor Signature Date     PLEASE PRINT:    Name: ______________________________________   Address: ______________________________________   City, State ______________________________________ Zip ________________   Telephone: _______________________ Email: ________________________________       ACCEPTED AND AGREED TO:   _______________________________________ ___________________   Agent of Julie Stewart’s Hidden Treasures Date